Whio being released into the Tongariro river by DOC, Genesis Energy, Tongariro River Rafting, and school students
Image: Cat Amaya-Perilla | DOC


Find out how Genesis is partnering with DOC to extend its support for the Whio Forever Recovery Programme.

Whio Forever, DOC, and Genesis logos.

Genesis is partnering with DOC to save New Zealand's unique whio/ blue duck. Over ten years from 2011 extra funding and resources is being provided to fully implement the Whio Recovery Plan 2009–2019.

With fewer than 3,000 birds left, whio are rarer than some other New Zealand iconic species.

This partnership will effectively secure the species by protecting priority populations so they grow, encouraging participation of the community and increasing New Zealanders understanding of the link between the whio and river health.

Whio Forever Recovery Programme

Genesis is providing resources and their technical experts to support the work at a national level.

The recovery efforts will be focused at the eight ‘security sites’ to ensure the retention of viable duck population at these sites and making them fully operational. Recovery work will be extended to cover long-term ‘recovery sites’.

The Whio Forever Recovery Programme complements the current whio recovery efforts effectively doubling the current level of work.

DOC is currently working with a number of private and public organisations and community groups across the country on whio recovery. These initiatives underpin the recovery work and are critical to achieving viable whio population.

Visit the Whio Forever website.

Winners at the 2014 Green Ribbon Awards

At the Ministry for the Environment's Green Ribbon Awards in June 2014, the Whio Forever Recovery Programme received the 'Protecting our biodiversity' award.

"By working with Genesis Energy on this programme, we are able to do more work to protect the whio and provide practical and immediate on-the-ground benefits for these threatened birds," — Lou Sanson, DOC Director-General
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