Carkeek Hut, painted by Dulux
Image: DOC


In May 2017 Dulux and DOC renewed their partnership until 2020. The partnership focuses on protecting and restoring DOC and community huts and buildings.

Protecting Our Place logo.
Protecting Our Place logo

Tarn Ridge Hut before it was painted.
Tarn Ridge Hut before being painted

Tarn Ridge Hut after it was painted.
Tarn Ridge Hut after being painted

This renewal will build on the work of the first term of the partnership where hundreds of DOC and community huts and buildings have been supported with Dulux products.

In 2017 alone, the partnership contributed paint to over 500 DOC painting jobs across the country.

The partnership will continue to build on this effort by protecting more DOC recreational and historic assets while promoting them to visitors encouraging their use and enjoyment.

Protecting DOC huts

DOC's huts have long provided essential shelter for Kiwi outdoor enthusiasts and international visitors. Situated in a variety of landscapes from alpine to coastal settings these huts are often exposed to New Zealand’s harshest and most extreme weather conditions. They protect visitors who seek shelter, and this partnership helps to protect the huts themselves.

Protecting Recreational and Historic Assets

The renewed partnership comes with a focus on supporting projects that protect and restore more recreational and historic assets. Many of these assets require specialist support and technical expertise to restore them which Dulux is well placed to support.


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