The forests, gumlands and shrublands of the Herekino and Ahipara hunting blocks offer opportunities to hunt pigs and goats.

Hunting block overview


  • Goats
  • Pigs

Permit requirements

A permit is required to hunt on public conservation land.

This hunting area is covered by an 'open area permit' which can be obtained online or from a DOC office.

Dog access

Dogs with a DOC permit (contact the relevant DOC office) and a current kiwi aversion certificate only.

About this hunting block

Pigs are generally hunted in these reserves. Goats are present in low numbers. 

General information

Herekino and Ahipara hunting blocks cover just around 7,500 ha, encompassing Herekino Forest, Herekino Forest addition, Ahipara Conservation Area, Ahipara Gumfields Historic Reserve, and Epakauri Conservation Area.

Herekino Forest and adjacent reserves are comprised of kauri and modified podocarp forest.

Ahipara reserves are a mixture of gumland shrub communities, mobile sand dunes, dune lakes, manuka/kanuka shrublands, and small areas of coastal hardwood forest.

These reserves are home to outstanding wildlife and historic areas, from various historic remnants to native animals and plants such as kūkupa, kiwi, kauri snails and orchids.

Note to all hunters: other recreational users are in Herekino Forest and around Ahipara at different times of the year, including trampers using the tramping tracks.


  • Herekino Forest: includes the Herekino Forest Addition and Orowhana Quarry Conservation Area, and is located south-east of Kaitaia. You can access the forest from Awaroa Road, at the Herekino Gorge summit, known as Te Arai. Alternative access is from Veza Rd, Takahue.
  • Ahipara Conservation Area and Ahipara Gumfields Historic Reserve: via Shipwreck Bay Rd, Ahipara. Various tracks run throughout the gumfields.
  • Epakauri Conservation Area: tracks from Ahipara Gumfields Historic Reserve pass through Epakauri Reserve, and down to the coast.


Private land owner permission is not required to access these reserves.

Topo maps

NZTopo50 series: AV26


Hunting dogs only permitted in these reserves.

Dogs are required to have current kiwi/bird aversion training certificates when hunting in Herekino Forest.

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No DOC campsites in this area. Multiple private accommodation options are available in Ahipara.

Additional information

  • No vehicles in reserves, foot access only.
  • No shooting within 200 m of walking tracks.
  • Centre Fire rifles only.
  • Traps for pest control may be present on any public conservation land. The traps may pose a risk to dogs. Keep your dog under control at all times.


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