Blue Lake Hut

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Blue Lake Hut.
Blue Lake Hut

Blue Lake Hut close-up.
Blue Lake Hut side view

Built: 1970

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Grid reference: Topo50 map sheet BS24, E1571514, N5343732

Altitude: 1190m above sea level

Nearest hut 1: West Sabine Hut (3 hrs)

Nearest hut 2: George Lyon (Ella) Hut (6 hrs)

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Plan and prepare

Blue Lake, known to Ngati Apa iwi as Rotomairewhenua (the land of peaceful waters) is thought to be the clearest fresh water in the world. While only seven metres deep the clarity of the lake water can exceed 80m which is close to the theortically calculated clarity of distilled water.

Please respect these waters and do not wash yourself, your clothes or dishes in the lake.


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