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This is a fantastic, easy half-day walk on the Routeburn Track (Great Walk) from the Milford Road, with panoramic views over Fiordland mountains and alpine lakes.

Track overview

3.4 km return via same track

Dog access

No dogs

About this track


Fantastic Fiordland mountains from Key Summit, Routeburn Track.
Fantastic Fiordland mountains from Key Summit, Routeburn Track

This is an easy half-day walk on the Routeburn Track (a Great Walk). For information about all sections of the track, see Routeburn Track description.

This walk is on an easy track so it’s great for families, and offers spectacular views of Fiordland National Park. If you only have time for one walk on your drive to Milford Sound and the weather is fine, this track is well worth the effort!

From The Divide carpark follow the Routeburn Track (a Great Walk track) for about an hour to the track to Key Summit. From here it is a 20 minute climb to Key Summit, with panoramic views over the Humboldt and Darran Mountains.

A self guided alpine nature walk passes a range of native vegetation: beech forest, sub-alpine shrublands, alpine tarns and bogs. Birdlife is prolific and tomtits, robins, New Zealand pigeons and bellbirds are commonly seen.

During the last ice age, which ended about 14,000 years ago, a huge glacier flowed down the Hollyford Valley and overtopped Key Summit by 500 m, with ice branches splitting off into the Eglinton and Greenstone Valleys.

Getting there

This walk begins at The Divide, about 85 km along the Milford Road from Te Anau (1.5 hours drive).

The first part of the walk is on the Routeburn Track, and a track sign marks the turn off to Key Summit.

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