Meet our Predator Free Rangers. They're here to help you get involved with Predator Free 2050.


Danial van der Lubbe.
Danial van der Lubbe, Central North Island Predator Free Ranger 
Image: DOC

Reaching the ambitious goal to rid New Zealand of possums, rats and stoats by 2050 requires a coordinated team effort across iwi, communities, and the public and private sectors.

Some community groups have decided to partner to provide strength and direction to work done independently in the past.

New community groups are springing up, and there is a real thirst for information. More people want to do backyard trapping.

Connect with your Predator Free Ranger

To help drive this momentum, we've identified a team of rangers to support communities and build a wider ranger network across all districts.

Our Predator Free Rangers can connect you with a local district DOC ranger, or help with advice on tools, best practice, and safety information. They can also connect you with other groups in the region through the Predator Free New Zealand Trust

Click your region on the map below to get contact information for your nearest Predator Free Ranger or view a list of all the rangers.

These rangers are a key part of our online Community Toolkit, which we’ll roll out in August.

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