Find out how you can donate to conservation programmes throughout New Zealand.

DOC manages a vast range of conservation programmes throughout New Zealand. Much of our work is done in partnership with communities and businesses who work with us to enhance our beautiful country.

DOC welcomes donations to its priority conservation programmes or to a project managed by a conservation partnership or trust that DOC is involved with.

Donate to a DOC conservation programme

New Zealand $10 note featuring whio/blue duck.
Help make sure native species like whio aren't just found on our notes and coins

To donate to one of DOC’s priority conservation programmes please email We will work with you to find the best way for your donation to support native wildlife and New Zealand’s special places.

Donate to a partner conservation programme

You can support conservation work in New Zealand by donating to the partnerships and trusts below.

Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust

The Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust is a partnership between commercial operators, the community and DOC. It works to protect and enhance the biodiversity and improve the visitor experience in Abel Tasman National Park.

Donate to the Abel Tasman Birdsong Trust

East Taranaki Environment Trust

The East Taranaki Environment Trust is a partnership between DOC, Taranaki Regional Council, local community and iwi. The Trust was formed by a group of landowners and its focus is to save kiwi in Taranaki by controlling pests. The Trust is also involved in projects to save whio in Egmont National Park and bring kokako back to the region.

Donate to the East Taranaki Environment Trust

Fiordland Conservation Trust

The Fiordland Conservation Trust is a community-driven initiative supporting a wide range of conservation projects in Fiordland and Southland. The Trust provides independent funding and resources to help protect the natural treasures of southern New Zealand.

Donate to The Fiordland Conservation Trust

Glaciers to Wetlands Restoration Project

The Glaciers to Wetlands Restoration Project is a four year programme, managed by DOC to restore the Ōkārito Wetland System near Franz Josef Glacier. The Project has been made possible by funding and support from the Air New Zealand Environment Trust. Donating to the Air New Zealand Environment Trust will support projects like the Glaciers to Wetlands Restoration Project, that will help enhance New Zealand’s environment. 

Donate to the Air New Zealand Environment Trust 

Kākāpō Recovery Programme

The Kākāpō Recovery Programme is a partnership between DOC, the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society and Rio Tinto Alcan New Zealand Limited. Since its formation more than 20 years ago, the partnership has played a significant role in bringing kākāpō, one of New Zealand's most endangered species, back from the brink of extinction.

Donate to the Kākāpō Recovery Programme

Kiwis for kiwi

Kiwis for kiwi is a national charity that raises and distributes funds to kiwi conservation projects across New Zealand.  Established in October 2012, it continues more than two decades of work by BNZ Save the Kiwi Trust to help protect kiwi and the places they live.

Kiwis for kiwi works in partnership with DOC with a vision to take kiwi from endangered to everywhere.  BNZ has provided financial support since 1991 and continues as a sponsor of the Trust.

Donate to the Kiwi Trust

Stewart Island Community & Environmental Trust (SIRCET)

By protecting the native wildlife around the homes, gardens, local walks and beaches of Halfmoon Bay, on Stewart Island/Rakiura, SIRCET fulfil their mission of enhancing their community and environment. The trust is successful because of the support of its volunteers and community, and the generous donations of visitors and local businesses.     

Donate to SIRCET

Takahē Recovery Programme

The Takahē Recovery Programme is a partnership between DOC, Ngāi Tahu and Mitre 10 to work together to ensure the takahē doesn’t face extinction. The programme has lead the development of many captive breeding conservation techniques and is striving to establish free ranging takahē population in the wild within their former habitat range. 

Donate to the Takahē Recovery Programme

Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust

The Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust is a charitable trust that supports the captive management, research, rehabilitation, and public awareness of New Zealand’s birds of prey including falcon, hawk and owl.

Donate to the Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust

Ulva Island Charitable Trust

The Ulva Island Charitable Trust was set up in September 1999 by a group of dedicated Stewart Islanders with the objective of raising money to upgrade walking tracks and facilities on Ulva Island. More than a decade later the Trust continues to raise funds and, in conjunction with the Department of Conservation, strives to keep Ulva Island free of introduced pests and predators where native plants and birds can thrive. Just as importantly, Ulva Island is easily accessible for visitors to enjoy a truly primeval paradise.

Donate to Ulva Island Charitable Trust

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