Conservation Management Strategies (CMS) are a chance for New Zealanders to have your say on places and species you value. Find out what strategies we're preparing and how you can get involved.

Your heritage, your say - Tōu Taonga, Tōu Whakaaro 

A Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) is a plan that sets out how DOC intends to manage the land, plants, birds, wild animals, marine mammals, and historic and cultural sites it is responsible for in a region over a 10+ year period.

It identifies what we intend to manage and why, and includes criteria for making decisions about activities that require permission or have a business aspect.

It does not identify how we will achieve those intentions, and usually not when. These are decided during the annual and multi-year allocation of staff and money.

Strategies we're preparing

We're preparing three CMSs for public consultation. These cover nine regions: East Coast, Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa, Wellington, Manawatu, Rangitikei, Nelson, Golden Bay and Marlborough.

As part of the preparation process we review the current CMS for each region and do a ‘pre-consultation’ that involves seeking the views of those:

  • who work in the region (both within DOC and outside it)
  • with knowledge about, or who are interested in, DOC's responsibilities.

Pre-consultation is now underway for the following CMSs:

Get involved

 Any person, company or organisation can get involved in the process by sending an email to:

You can also check this web page for regular updates.

See how the strategies are developed. Specific roles are held by:

Canterbury, Otago and Southland Murihiku

Public consultation on the draft Canterbury, Otago and Southland Murihiku CMS 2014-2024 is now completed. The draft CMS have been revised in response to submissions received and hearings held. Submitters have been sent a copy of DOC's responses to their submissions.

The revised draft CMS have been considered by the respective conservation boards and forwarded to the New Zealand Conservation Authority (NZCA) for their approval.

Further information and progress on each CMS can be viewed here:

Northland, Auckland and Waikato

The Northland, Auckland and Waikato CMSs have been approved and can be viewed here:

Other CMSs

See Conservation Management Strategies to view the West Coast, Stewart Island/Rakiura, Bay of Plenty, Tongariro/Taupo, Taranaki/Whanganui, and Chatham Islands CMS as well as the current versions of those CMS now under review.

CMS information sheets

The following documents provide more detail about CMS and conservation management:

Viewing files on this page

If you can't view these files contact us to request another format. About our files.

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