Booking terms and conditions applicable to campsites, huts and sole-occupancy accommodation, excluding those forming part of a Great Walk.

Bookings not meeting the following Terms and Conditions are treated as invalid, and will be reversed (cancelled) by the Department of Conservation ("DOC").

By accepting these terms and conditions you are also accepting the rules that apply to individual facilities/services. These can be found on the web page for the facility/service on the DOC website.


  • A booking is required for each adult, youth, child and infant intending to use the facility/service.
  • All bookings require a primary guest who must supply first and family names, home town and country and a valid email address and phone number at the time of booking.
  • The given and family names of all party members and the ages of anyone 17 years and under are required at the time of booking.
  • Names listed on the booking for the facility/service may not be substituted unless approved by a DOC office.
  • The people named on the booking may be required to produce proof of identity when collecting tickets or accessing the facilities/services booked. Accepted forms of ID are a passport, driver's licence, credit card, firearms licence or student ID.
  • Commercial and/or guided groups are not permitted to use DOC facilities/services unless authorised by a concession.
  • Commercial Agents wishing to make multiple bookings for services on behalf of customers must hold an Agent agreement with or obtain permission from DOC.
  • A primary guest is required for all bookings, as follows:
    • 18 years and older for Campsites and Huts.
    • 18 years and older for Lodges and Cabins.

Facilities/services provided by other organisations, e.g. transport operators, may use other age ranges. Please check the particular facilities/services you require.


  • All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST (Goods and Services Tax).
  • No bookings will be accepted without payment at the time of booking.
  • Bookings made online will automatically be charged to your credit card through the DPS secure payment network at the time the booking is made.
  • Accepted credit cards are Mastercard and Visa.
  • For security reasons credit card information is not held by DOC.
  • Alterations or changes made to must be paid at the time alteration/change is made.

Third-party Services

  • Facilities/services provided by other organisations e.g. transport operators may use other age ranges. Check the particular facilities/services you require.
  • Prices, transport timetables and other details may change without notice.

Penalty rates

Penalty rates apply for invalid and unbooked use of accommodation or services.

  • Where there is no valid booking, there is no guaranteed access to that service, or other facilities.
  • Failure to have a valid booking for a facility for the date of use will result in penalty fees being charged.
  • The penalty rate for all persons is the normal age fee plus the full adult fee for that service.

Alterations and cancellation policies


  • Booking refunds will only be made to the person/ agent who made the original booking.
  • Refunds will be made with the payment type used to pay for the booking.
  • Refunds for closures of facilities must be applied for no later than 7 days after the booked service date.

Alterations and transfer of booking dates

  • Alterations and date transfers can be made by contacting a DOC office as per the booking confirmation.
  • Alterations to online booking details require cancellation and re-booking.
  • Fees of up to $10 per booking may be charged per alteration. If a booking already transferred to a later date is then cancelled, cancellation fees will apply as of the date of the original booking.
  • If a booking transferred to an earlier date is then cancelled, cancellation fees will apply as of the new booking date.
  • If a booking is transferred within 24 hours of the arrival date, cancellation fees of 100% apply to any unused proportion of the original booking.
  • Bookings may be transferred only within the current open booking period/season.
  • Bookings outside the open booking period/season must be cancelled.
  • Any additional fees must be paid at the time the transfer is being made.
  • Any refunds, less cancellation fees as set out in the table below, will be issued at the time the transfer is made.
  • Where an alteration is made, any amount reduced from the original booking total shall be subject to cancellation fees.
  • Summer season is from October to April, winter season is from May to September

Cancellations due to DOC closures

  • Where DOC advises of bad weather, Maintenance or management reasons affecting location or surrounding area, but does not close the facility:
    • You may wish to proceed with your booking, or
    • Have dates transferred free of charge but no refund will be given in future, or
    • Booking can be cancelled, and standard cancellation fees would apply.
  • If DOC closes a facility due to severe weather or conditions, urgent maintenance or for management reasons, a full refund of the fee for the unused facilities will be given or a date transfer offered.
  • Those visitors who have already started their trip/ booking may be required to leave before their trip/ booking is completed. In this case a full refund for unused facilities will be given.
  • Refunds or rescheduling bookings due to facility closures must be applied for within 7 days.
  • No refunds will be given after these 7 days and trips will not be rescheduled.
  • Visitors will only be rescheduled if there are vacancies available once the facility reopens.


  • Booking and alteration fees are not refundable.
  • All medical cancellations must be accompanied by a medical certificate and will apply to the person listed on the certificate only. Medical cancellation fee is 20% of the value of the cancelled portion of the booking.

Note: If a booking has been transferred to a later date and is then cancelled, cancellation fees will apply as of the date of the original booking. If a booking has been transferred to an earlier date and is then cancelled, cancellation fees will apply as of the new booking date.

Cancellation fees are based on the earliest start date

Applies to all booked services

Cancellation fee
More than 91 days before the first date service/s will be used. $15
More than 14 days, but fewer than 90 days before the first date facility/service/s will be used. 10% *
14 days or less before the first date facility/service/s will be used 100% of booking cose

* Note: $15 is the minimum cancellation fee. No refund will be given where the full booking price is less than $15

Travel insurance

  • DOC recommends that you arrange travel insurance to guard against the loss of costs associated with cancellation or delay of your trip.

Non-DOC bookings

  • DOC is unable to rearrange non-DOC booked transport, accommodation and flight bookings if delays should occur.

Liability disclaimer

DOC will not be liable for injury, damage, delays or any costs incurred by visitors.

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