In the “Whanganui National Park Management Plan

Ngā whakamaharatanga

7.7.1 Long-term outcome

Monuments, memorials and plaques occur/take place in exceptional circumstances, where they are consistent with Park values. Those that are erected/occur are consistent with and do not detract from the character of the site.

7.7.2 Management considerations

Monuments, memorials and plaques are often used to commemorate a person or event, site or structure, special to a particular area. Unless there is clear justification, they are inappropriate in the Park. Applications will be considered only in circumstances where the historic association of the site, individual or event is thought to be of exceptional regional, national or international significance.

7.7.3 Objective

  1. To recognise important people and events associated with the Park, but to avoid the introduction of signs, notices or other features that detract from park values.

7.7.4 Policies

  1. Permits for free-standing monuments (normally small plaques) to commemorate a person or event within the Park should be granted only in exceptional circumstances, such as for people or events of national importance associated with the Park or at places that shed light on or illustrate earlier habitation. They should be consistent with the character of the site and planned outcomes for the locality and should not be attached to or engraved into natural features.
  2. Tāngata whenua and other interested parties will be consulted with respect to siting of monuments and any other matters of potential sensitivity.
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