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Takahē video

In this video you'll learn about the takahē. Once thought extinct, they were rediscovered in 1948. Though still highly endangered, some takahē survive on offshore islands like Mana Island, near Wellington.


The flightless takahē is a unique bird, a conservation icon and a survivor.

Takahē champion video

There aren’t many thirteen year olds who can say they’re helping to save a species, but Sophie Smith from Southland can. Watch this video to see how she’s involved in takahē conservation.

Takahē release video

Takahē were only rediscovered in 1948 and remain among our rarest birds. Thanks to high flyers like the chicks in this video, takahē can once again roam the Murchison Mountains in Fiordland.

Kahurangi gets takahē tick with first eggs found

The pitter patter of little takahē feet is on the cards at Kahurangi National Park after the first eggs of the new wild population have been found.

Takahē transfer video

Learn about the takahē, one of New Zealand's rarest and most endangered species, in this Meet the Locals video.

Takahē sanctuaries

We’re working together to manage a large safe breeding population of takahē.

Takahē research

We’re researching ideas and techniques that might help ensure a brighter future for the takahē.

Understanding takahē transfers

Learn about why we need to manage the takahē population and potential reasons why the Takahē Recovery Programme carry out transfers.

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