Find out about booking a hunting block on Stewart Island, and make an online booking request.

Booking information

A combined open zone and block system is in operation. Most blocks are suitable for six hunters; parties are limited to 12 people and 10 rifles. Each party may only book one block per hunting trip.

Bookings for blocks can be made up to 12 months in advance. There is a non-refundable $30 administration fee per block booking. This payment must be received by DOC on Stewart Island/Rakiura within three weeks of the booking being made.

Confirmation of the booking is required 60 days prior to your arrival on the island. To confirm a booking, you must submit the form sent to you when you paid the administration fee requesting details of the party members. Names of hunters and their firearms licence numbers must be submitted on this form, along with details of transport to the block and any hut fees should be paid at this time. Failure to do this will result in cancellation of the booking.

Note: Several blocks have huts managed by the Rakiura Hunter Camp Trust (RHCT) located on them. The Trust does not provide refunds on hut fees in any circumstances.

Online booking request

Complete the form if you are interested in booking a hunting block on Stewart Island/Rakiura (subject to availability). You must fill in fields marked with an asterisk *.

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Contact details

Hunting blocks available for booking:

  1. Maori Beach
  2. Bungaree
  3. Murray
  4. Rollers
  5. Christmas
  6. Lucky
  7. Yankee
  8. Smoky
  9. Long Harry
  10. E Ruggedy
  11. W Ruggedy
  12. Waituna
  13. Big Hellfire
  14. Little Hellfire
  15. Homestead
  16. Martins Creek
  17. Cavalier
  18. Doughboy
  19. Nth Pegasus
  20. Sth Pegasus
  21. Upper Lords
  22. Nth Tikotatahi
  23. Kellys
  24. Bosom
  25. Little Glory
  26. South Big Glory
  27. Mid Big Glory
  28. North Big Glory
  29. Hapuatuna
  30. Abrahams Bay
  31. South West Arm
  32. Rakeahua
  33. Freds Camp
  34. Freshwater
  35. North Arm
Dates (for a maximum of 10 days) :

Note: We will only accept bookings up to 12 months in advance from the date the hunting block becomes available. Only the first valid application will be accepted.

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