You can hunt red deer, goats and pigs in the East Dome Scenic Reserve and the Mataura Range Scenic Reserve.


  • Deer - Red
  • Goats
  • Pigs

Permit requirements

A permit is required to hunt on public conservation land.

This hunting area is covered by an 'open area permit' – get it online or from a DOC office.

Seasonal restrictions

No dogs between 1 September and 30 September.

Dog access

Dogs allowed. Keep dog under control at all times.

About this hunting block

The East Dome (1,312 ha) and Mataura (1,554 ha) ranges form steep tussock land above heavily forested lower sections. Permits are issued on an open block hunting system. DOC permits do not provide permission to hunt any of the exotic plantation forests.

The neighbouring Mid Dome and Cupola Conservation Areas are restricted hunting areas and a permit to hunt these areas must be obtained from the DOC Murihiku Office.

Landholders and access

All access is over private land. Permission to cross private land must be sought from the land owners.

East Dome Conservation Area


  • Glenlappa Station
  • Nokomai Station

There is no public access from Glenlapa Road on the East side (true Left) of the Mataura River. This road reaches as far as the baches (huts/cribs) then you need to use marginal strip and hydro land to get to the access location.

The only public access is from the Marginal Strip and Hydro land within the Mataura river, Land Information New Zealand Land (LINZ) manages the area known as Hydro land and Conservation Land, DOC manages the area known as Marginal Strip. The access is along the Mataura River on the True Left bank from grid X1260993, Y4940017 in the north to X1261375, Y4937975 in the South.

Muddy Gully Historic Reserve


  • Glenlapa Lands Limited

No public access except through East Dome Scenic Reserve entering from the same way as described in the East Dome Conservation Area above.

Mataura Range Scenic Reserve


  • Cattle Flat Station – GA Young & Co Limited

True Right of the Mataura River – various start points along Ardlussa/Cattle Flat Road.

  • First location 1 at X1259428, Y4933901,
  • Second location at X1259843 Y4934520, and
  • Third location at X1260540 Y4936509 through to X1260727 Y4936972.

All of these locations are accessed from marginal strip land and you must remain on the marginal strip and or Hydro land to access these locations – not use private land.

There are also several areas where the Scenic Reserve has been extended down to the river margin:

  1. X1259722 Y4934449
  2. X1260547 Y4935865
  3. X1260530 Y4936359
  4. X1260540 Y4936509 through to X1260727 Y4936972 where the Scenic Reserve is in contact with the marginal strip.

Blackhill Forest


  • Cattle Flat Station – GA Young & Co Limited

No public access – permission to access must be obtained from Cattle Flat Station.


NZTopo50 maps - CD10, CD11, CE10, CE11 

Animals present

Red deer - moderate numbers
Goats - low numbers
Pigs - low numbers


  • Dogs must be registered and are not permitted in huts.
  • When crossing private land, dogs are to be on a leash until well into forest and kept under control.
  • DOC must be notified regarding missing or lost dogs on conservation land.
  • Dogs are permitted except between 1 September and 30 September due to lambing and calving.


There are no DOC huts available.

Additional information

If possuming, a permit must be obtained by visiting the DOC Murihiku Office in Invercargill.

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