Apply to hunt on Molesworth Station outside of the roar period.

Before applying:

Seasonal restrictions

17 April to Labour Weekend: The Acheron Road through to Molesworth is closed and gates locked.

No large game hunting permits during Goose Hunt weeks: Next scheduled 6–12 March, 5–11 June 2019).

No large game hunting permits in July 2019: Fish & Game Nelson/Marlborough will be working with DOC on a limited (July) trial season for shooting chukar. For further information contact

Jacob Lucas 
Phone: +64 3 544 6382
Mobile: +64 21 811 253

DOC undertakes to collect, use and store information provided on this form according to the principles of the Privacy Act 1993.

For the roar period, you must use the Molesworth roar permit application.

This form is for hunting outside the roar period only

Application form for hunting outside the roar period

All fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) are compulsory.

Applicant (party leader)

Contact details

Have you already submitted an application and are now registering additional members of a hunting party?

If you have any changes to your permit application contact +64 3 572 9100 or email

Vehicle details

Trip details


Note: Check the seasonal restrictions before selecting dates.

Preferred date(s): (dd/mm/yyyy) Must be from a Wednesday to a Tuesday.

Alternative date(s): (dd/mm/yyyy) Must be from a Wednesday to a Tuesday.

Hunting party

If only one, go to the end of this page and submit your application.

If more than one, you must register each member of the hunting party (including non-hunting members) with full details including vehicle (if used). 


Register extra party members





Register extra vehicles (if used)

Acheron Road Access

Labour Weekend to mid-April: Acheron Road is open to the public (unless high fire risk or other high hazards are present). You can park your vehicle up to 50 m from the road, away from farm tracks and gates and walk into your block. 

I will leave a note with my vehicle so rangers know I am safe.

Mid-April to Labour Weekend: The Acheron Road is closed and gates locked. You must apply for an Activity permit to access the road.

Permits are unlikely to be issued except in exceptional circumstances. Allow for this in your block choices.

I wish to apply for Acheron Road access.

Sumbit your application

Your permit is not approved until you receive notification and a copy of the permit from the Wairau/Renwick Office.

Enter your name below to confirm you have read the conditions of permit, and that all your party will abide by the conditions. 

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