Red deer and low numbers of goats, pigs and chamois are found in the Isolated Hill Scenic Reserve.


  • Chamois
  • Deer - Red
  • Goats
  • Pigs

Permit requirements

A permit is required to hunt on public conservation land.

This hunting area is covered by an 'open area permit' – get it online or from a DOC office.

Dog access

Dogs with a DOC permit only. More information below or contact the relevant DOC office.

About this hunting block

General information

Isolated Hill is made up of rugged bluffs and steep dry hills. It is geologically and botanically interesting with threatened plants, beech forest and tussock grasslands, limestone interspersed with argillite, sandstone and mudstone.

Red deer, goats, pigs and chamois are found in the reserve. However, chamois and pigs are in low numbers, and the Department of Conservation carries out regular goat control, so goat numbers are maintained at low levels.

The route through Sawcut Gorge is a popular day walk.


Visitors need to take note of weather reports in advance, as foot access up the river gorge is impassable in floods or freshes.

Helicopter access

There are a number of huts and bivvys not accessible by road or track. Helicopter operators must have a landing concession.


NZTopo50 – BS28


Dogs are allowed in the reserve with a dog permit from the South Marlborough Area Office.

Dogs must be kept under control and not used for hunting until well within the DOC hunting area.

Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Keep your dog under control, preferably with a leash, at all times
  • A dog out of sight is a dog out of control
  • Carry a leash and use it
  • Ensure that your dog does not disrupt other people's enjoyment of the park
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Dog droppings may contain harmful bacteria or diseases that can easily spread to farm animals, so be sure to remove your dog’s waste.

Hunters should check where pesticides have been used on conservation land and ask relevant landowners about pesticide use before taking dogs into hunting areas.


*For more information on Isolated Hill Bivvy, Brian Boru Bivvy or Napoleon Bivvy, contact the Wairau / Renwick Office.

Additional information

No hunting is allowed during periods of high public use - from sunrise 1 December to sunset 29 February. There is also no hunting access across the private land of Blue Mountain Station between sunrise 1 December and sunset 29 February.

For further mapping and access information refer to Walking Access Aotearoa or DOC maps.


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