Occasional red deer, along with goats and feral pigs, are found throughout the Mt Cullen/Mt Duncan area of Mt Richmond Forest Park.


  • Deer - Red
  • Goats
  • Pigs

Permit requirements

A permit is required to hunt on public conservation land.

This hunting area is covered by an 'open area permit' – get it online or from a DOC office.

Dog access

Dogs with a DOC permit only. More information below or contact the relevant DOC office.

About this hunting block

General information

This area is managed by the local DOC offices.

This eastern outlier of the Mt Richmond Forest Park is made up of more than 8,000 ha surrounding the peaks of Mt Cullen (1055 metres), Dukeshead (948 metres) and Mt Duncan (892 metres).

This area was the scene of a gold rush in the late 19th Century and there are still visible signs of the workings.

Much of the land surrounding this area is managed for farming or commercial forestry production and the higher country is covered in mature beech forest. There is one track that crosses this area.

Occasional red deer can be found throughout the area at any time of the year. Goats and feral pigs are common throughout. 


Waikakaho-Cullen Creek Track is accessed from the north at the end of the Cullensville Road. To access the track Cullens Creek must be crossed twice and is dangerous if in flood. At the southern end the track joins the end of the Waikakaho Road.

There are sections of private land at both ends of the track. Dogs can only be taken with permission of the owners.

Access to this area is also possible off Queen Charlotte Drive between the Grove Jetty and Shakespeare Bay. No public access is available from Ngakuta Bay. There are no formal tracks at any of these access points.

There are many commercial forestry operations in the Mt Cullen and Mt Duncan area. Many of the forestry roads could provide access onto conservation land. Permission must be received from the relevant forest managers before using these roads.

Stay safe when crossing rivers

If you plan to cross unbridged rivers, know how to cross safely and be prepared for if you cannot cross.

Do not cross if the river is flooded, you cannot find safe entry and exit points or are unsure it’s safe. Turn back or wait for the river to drop. If in doubt, stay out.

How to cross rivers safely


No information is currently available.


NZTopo50 BQ28


Hunting dogs are allowed with a permit from DOC. Permission of the landowners at each end of the Waikakaho-Cullens Creek Track must be obtained to take dogs across private land.


There are no huts in this area.

Additional information

No additional hunting restrictions apply.


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