Find out about permit requirements for hunting in Fiordland.

Hunting permits are required for all hunting within Fiordland and must be applied for in advance. You need to carry a valid hunting permit with you at all times to legally hunt on land managed by DOC.

Hunting in Fiordland, Doon River. Photo copyright: Nicholas Bailey ( DOC USE ONLY.
Hunting in Fiordland, Doon River

Types of permit

Open hunting permits for deer, chamois and pigs

Hunting permits are available for the whole of Fiordland National Park, excluding specially protected areas (Murchison Mountains, sanctuaries and the Wapiti Area).

Apply online for an open hunting permit

Possum permits

A possum permit is valid for six months and is required for both poisoning and trapping.

You'll need an application pack when applying for a possum permit. Allow three weeks for processing. 

Contact the DOC Fiordland District Office for more information at 03 249 0200.

Canada goose permit

Game bird hunting is not generally allowed in the Fiordland National Park. An exception has been culls of Canada geese in the Eglinton Valley by recreational hunters, where a booking system exists from mid June until September.

Bookings and permits are required. Only one hunting party will be present on a block within a booking period.

Contact the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre to apply.

Permits for Wapiti Area

Hunting of wapiti is possible throughout the year without restriction, except for immediately prior and during the bugle period (mid February to mid April) when the wapiti area is subject to a ballot. 

Within the ballot period

Applications for wapiti blocks are available from August 1 through to early October when applications close. Apply online at the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation website.

The Wapiti Area is divided into 25 blocks for the bugle period. There are three 10-day ballot periods.

Only parties which are successful in the ballot may hunt. No more than two hunting parties will be balloted a block at any one time. Each block is limited to six hunters in total, and permits for solo hunters will not be issued.

For more information contact:

Fiordland Wapiti Foundation
PO Box 111

Outside the ballot period

Contact the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre for more information and to apply for a permit.


Almost all of Fiordland National Park is a Closed Area (closed to all dogs).

There are some areas within the Fiordland (DOC) district boundries that are Controlled Access Areas (open to dogs, permit needed) and Open Access Areas (open to dogs, no permit needed).

Dog permits for Controlled Access Areas can be optained from the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre.

More about Fiordland controlled dog access.

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