Find out about the permits and licences you'll need to go hunting. If you're hunting in an 'open hunting area', you can apply for a permit online.

Expect changed conditions when hunting

Changes are still occurring in the forests from the cyclone and with every new period of heavy rain. Be aware that what the terrain may have looked like last you were in the forest may not be the same the next time.

In regions affected by Cyclone Gabrielle and other recent storm events many things may impact your Roar hunting plans. This includes the loss of access due to roads, bridges and tracks being damaged or destroyed. There is also a high chance of coming across more natural hazards such as debris in waterways, landslides, and rockfalls.

Respect the wishes of private landowners when it comes to access arrangements. It is likely that some landowners may not be able to grant the usual hunter access due to damage their properties have incurred.

    To hunt on any land in New Zealand requires the permission of the landowner. On public conservation land, this permission is obtained by getting a hunting permit from DOC.

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