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Learn what to do if you want to hunt with dogs.

If you want to hunt with dogs on public conservation land, with or without a firearm, you need to know if dogs are allowed in the hunting area you want to hunt in, and any associated conditions.

Open hunting areas

Refer to the special conditions of the open hunting area permit. If dogs are allowed, the special conditions will tell you:

  • the conditions under which dogs are allowed, or
  • if you need to get a separate dog permit from the local DOC office. Dog permits are issued by the DOC visitor centre or office nearest to the area you plan to hunt in.

Restricted hunting areas

Contact the local DOC office to find out if dogs are allowed. If dogs are allowed, the use of dogs can be added as a special condition to the restricted area hunting permit.

Open hunting areas are areas that operate under the standard hunting permit conditions. Some open hunting areas may also have special conditions. Find open hunting areas

Restricted hunting areas are areas that are not open hunting areas. They have conditions specific to the area. Contact the DOC office closest to where you want to hunt.

Te Urewera

Find out about taking dogs hunting in Te Urewera

Controlling dogs and avian training

Dogs must be kept under control and not used for hunting until well within the hunting area.

Poorly trained dogs can kill native bird species. Hunters are encouraged to have their dogs undergo avian awareness and aversion training. It is a requirement in some regions. If regularly reinforced, dogs can be trained to avoid kiwi and other native species.

Pest control bait

DOC and other agencies may conduct pest control operations using poison baits. Before taking dogs into hunting areas check to see if the area has been treated. See where pesticides are laid.

Kauri Dieback

If you are hunting in areas with kauri, it’s important you know what to do to help stop the spread of kauri dieback.

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