What you need to know about importing firearms, New Zealand game animals, biosecurity, and how you're going to take a trophy out of New Zealand.


In New Zealand, the New Zealand Police are responsible for firearms licences and imports.

How to bring a firearm into New Zealand

Planning a hunting trip to New Zealand

Game animals

All game animals in New Zealand are introduced species.

  • North and South Islands: red deer, fallow deer, pigs, goats, wild sheep
  • North Island only: sika deer, rusa deer, sambar deer
  • South Island only: whitetail deer, wapiti, tahr, chamois
  • Stewart Island: whitetail deer, red deer
  • Chatham Islands (primarily private property): wild sheep, pigs, wild cattle.

More about game animals

Guided hunting

Guided hunting experiences are available in New Zealand. We recommend you find a guided hunting experience through the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association.

Find a guided hunting experience

Hunting areas

The more you can learn about the intended hunting area the better your chances of success are.

Contact the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association to get local hunting information. 

The DOC office nearest your hunting area will also be a good source of information.

Staying in huts

DOC manages an extensive network of huts and tracks throughout New Zealand, which hunters often use as accommodation. 

Backcountry hut information

Prevent the spread of pests and diseases

Protect New Zealand from the spread of unwanted pests and diseases.

Trophies and certificates of export

Certificates of Export are documents issued by DOC that provide assurance that the species of animal hunted are not protected under New Zealand legislation.

These documents are not required for export from New Zealand. However, many importing countries ask for documentation to provide this assurance.

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