Learn how to be a careful camper.

Be a careful camper and practice ‘no trace’ camping.

  • Choose your campsite carefully; set up your camp on firm, high or sandy ground. Only camp in designated areas. Do not camp where camping is not permitted.
  • Be tidy and always leave campsites clean. Take your rubbish with you if bins are not provided. Food scraps attract vermin.
  • Use a cooker, fireplace or BBQ. Light fires only where permitted, collect dead wood and keep the fire small. Soak the fire with water before you go.
  • Detergents, soap and toothpaste can harm aquatic and marine life. Use biodegradable products and wash in a container well away from the water.
  • Always use toilets provided. There are toilets at all DOC campsites. What to do if there are no toilets.
  • Motorhome or campervan users - always dispose of waste at official dumpstations. If you don't have a toilet onboard, camp where there are toilet facilities. Do not dispose of waste in public places.
  • Campgrounds are social places but everyone needs some rest and relaxation. Respect the rights of others for quiet enjoyment of the outdoors.
  • Pay your fees to help keep campsites available in the future.
  • Always thoroughly clean your equipment before and after trips to minimise spreading weeds and diseases.
  • Protect native plants and animals.

Toitu te whenua/leave the land undisturbed. 

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