If you haven't experienced an overnight stay in a DOC hut before, this hut in Otago is a great option to start with - it's easy to get to, in just over 2 hours walk.

Aspiring Hut

This historic stone hut, located in the spectacular Matukituki Valley, is a very popular location for families, tramping groups, tourists and climbers of all abilities.

Aspiring Hut.

Location: West Matukituki Valley
Travelling distance: Approx. 55 km from Wanaka.
Access: 2 hr - 2 hr 30 min walk on the West Matukituki Track
Occupancy: Share with others
Facilities: Wood stove, gas cookers (during peak season only), common room, water tank and flush toilets. Hut warden in residence during summer.

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