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There are a number of walking tracks in the Victoria Forest Park area that will get you into some interesting places such as Waiuta, Inangahua suspension bridge and Murray Creek.

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Dog access

Dogs with a DOC permit only. Contact the relevant DOC office to obtain a permit.

About this track


The beech forests and historic goldfields of Victoria Forest Park offer an excellent range of day walking opportunities. All of these tracks are within 30min drive from Reefton. They range from short and well graded tracks to full day wilderness walking.  All of them offer a taste of Reefton's fascinating history.

Some of these tracks can be ridden by mountain bike, see Reefton mountain bike tracks.

Rivers, such as the Inangahua, Waitahu and Larrys Creek all offer world class trout fishing opportunities. There are also many swimming holes around Reefton to cool off after your walk.

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Short/easy Reefton day walks

These walks are well graded and are between 15min and 1 hr 30 min in duration.

Tawhai Walk

Time: 15 min loop

A track suitable for wheelchairs goes through beech/exotic forest. Located just south of the Reefton Saddle on the Reefton highway (SH 7). There is a picnic area with tap water and a toilet.

Golden Fleece Walk

Time: 15 min loop

The track starts at the Murray Creek car park at Blacks Point which is located east of Reefton along SH7. The track travels along the Murray Creek Track for five minutes before branching off to the right, crossing Murray Creek and ending at the Blacks Point Museum. Return to the carpark via SH7

Alborns Coal Mine Track

Time: 1 hr 30 min

Alborns coal mine truck.
Alborns coal mine truck

Begins at a carpark 9 km along Soldiers Road which leaves the Reefton highway (SH 7) just south of the town. Scattered among old coal mine workings are remains of makeshift winch equipment, including an old Leyland lorry. Other features are distinctive "coal measures", vegetation and views of the Victoria and Paparoa Ranges.

Longer more challenging Reefton day walks

These tracks are between half a day to a full day in duration and require some fitness and experience.

Murray Creek girls walking
Murray Creek - girls walking

Snowy Battery Track

Time: 2 hr 30 min

From the old Waiuta town site a well formed downhill track leads you to the remains of a massive gold extraction plant, including large cyanide tanks and machinery foundations.

The return journey can be either: returning by the track in, following the water race from the battery to powerhouse site then up a gentle graded track to Waiuta, or from the powerhouse crossing the river to Hukarere Road for a prearranged pick up. 

Murray Creek Track

Time: 5 hrs loop track

The main Murray Creek track loops through the goldfield, taking in the Energetic, Inglewood and Ajax gold mines, Cement Town and Chandlers open-cast coal mine. The track starts at Blacks Point which is located east of Reefton along SH7.

Lankey Creek

Time: 2 hrs 25 mins

This track starts at the Energetic junction, on the Murray Creek Track, approximately 30 minutes walk from the Blacks Point carpark. It passes the Energetic and Bolitho Mines and partially follows an old tramline, before ending at the Lankey Creek carpark on SH7, approximately 3 km east of Blacks Point.

Progress Water Race

Time: 2 hr return

A footbridge crosses the Inangahua River to a good track which follows the disused water race, occasionally crossing side gullies via steps, to end at the Deep Creek-Inangahua River confluence. Those walkers who have more time on their hands can continue to the Golden Lead Battery.

Golden Lead Battery

Time: 6 hr return

From the end of the Progress Water Race Walk, a rough track climbs and descends numerous spurs and crosses two bridges to reach Golden Lead battery, standing in a small grassy clearing. In fine weather it is possible to walk in the creek bed, avoiding the steeper sections of the track.

Larrys Creek

Time: 1.5 hrs return

This track starts at the end of a 6km forestry road which turns off SH69, just north of Larrys River, approximately 16km north of Reefton. It follows the true right bank of Larrys River, winding through beech forest and ending at the historic Caledonian goldmine. Historic remnants include a steam engine and a quartz stamping battery. Care must be taken crossing Larrys River.

Getting there

Access to these tracks is via the state highways that surround and dissect Victoria Forest Park as well as a number of secondary roads.

Nature and conservation

Victoria Forest Park is home to a significant population of native bird species. You will see plenty of weka and bush robins. Keep an eye out for the less common kaka and kakariki.

History and culture

There are a plethora of historic sites and relics around Reefton, mostly relating to quartz gold mining. In fact many of the walking tracks were originally formed as accessways to mines.

Historic Golden Lead Stamper Battery

Along your track you can visit the Golden Lead Stamper Battery. This stamper battery crushed the quartz from Golden Lead, until miners realised their dreams of wealth were also crushed.

Stamper batteries like this one were once found at the hundreds of larger quartz mines in New Zealand. Today, as few as twenty still stand on site. Read more about the Golden Lead Stamper Battery.


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