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The beech forest and historic goldfields surrounding Reefton offer an excellent range of mountain biking opportunities. Most tracks can be accessed by bike or a short 10-15 minute drive from Reefton.

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6 km - 25 km

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The Reefton mountain bike tracks range from short and smooth 20 minute bicycle outings to complete day and overnight wilderness mountain biking. 

There is a full variety, from Grade 2 (beginner) to Grade 5 (expert), to cater for all skill levels. Track types include gravel/4WD tracks, smooth single track and muddy and rocky, technical backcountry tracks with sections of walking.

Tracks on this page:

Kirwans and Waitahu Valley tracks

These tracks can all be linked together to form a long and challenging adventure ride.

Kirwans Track

Grade 5:  Expert
Length: 14km one way
Start point:  Capleston carpark at the end of Boatmans Road
End point: Kirwans Hut

A challenging ride up to Kirwans Hut, gaining 1000m elevation. You are rewarded with spectacular views and a flowing downhill ride of mostly gentle gradient benched single track, with sections of technical riding and some carrying. Another option is to take a helicopter up to the top and ride down. 

Waitahu Valley

Grade 2: Intermediate
Length: 7km one way
Start point: Gannons Road end
End point: Montgomerie Hut

A low gradient 4WD track up the river flats of the Waitahu Valley that is rough in places. Features of interest include the Clematis swing bridge and the Montgomerie Hut. Cross the Clematis swing bridge to find the track that links the Waitahu Valley to the Blacks Point/Murray Creek tracks.

Lord Brassey Stamper Battery Track

Grade 5:  Expert
Distance: 10km
Start Point: Montgomerie Hut
End Point: Kirwans Hut

Steep and technical mostly benched single track, passing the not-to-be-missed, historic, Lord Brassey Stamper Battery. The track is also a link between the Waitahu Valley and Kirwans Track. 

The Capleston to Gannons Road Track

Grade 4:  Advanced
Distance: 3.5Km
Start Point: Capleston car park at the end of Boatmans Road
End Point: Gannon Road end

A short track that links the end of Kirwans Track to the Gannons Road end in the Waitahu Valley. The track is very steep towards the Gannons Road.

Kirwans sunrise
Kirwans sunrise 

Blacks Point/Murray Creek tracks

This extensive track system starts in Blacks Point at the Murray Creek carpark.

Murray Creek Track

Grade 3: Intermediate 
Length: 8km return
Start point: Blacks Point/Murray Creek carpark
End point: Inglewood Junction

Return trip climbing up historic road to Waitahu Saddle. The open, easy flowing trail continues all the way to the Inglewood Junction and even to the Inglewood Mine. Return back the same way. See Ajax Track or the 'Devils tail' for further options.

Ajax Track (Machine Track)

Grade 4:  Advanced
Length: 9km loop
Start point: Blacks Point/Murray Creek carpark
End point: Blacks Point/Murray Creek carpark

Start up the Murray Creek Track then loop around past the historic Ajax Mine and Stamper Battery. The track is mostly well-benched single track (intermediate grade) with a few steeper sections. The last 2km to the car park is steep and technical downhill.

Murray Creek to Waitahu Valley (Devil's Tail)

Grade 4: Advanced
Length: 6.5km one way
Start point: Blacks Point/Murray Creek carpark
End point: Clematis swing bridge

The track climbs up a historic road to the Waitahu Junction then drops down a benched single track ending with tight fast switchbacks down to the Clematis suspension bridge. Either bike back to Reefton via Gannons Rd and the Reefton Highway or head back the way you came.

Lankey Creek Tram Track

Grade 4:  Advanced
Length:  6km one way
Start point:  Blacks Point/Murray Creek carpark
End point: Lankey Creek carpark

Start up Murray Creek Track then turn off towards the Energetic Gold Mine site. The track follows an old tram track for most of the way. However, there are sections of steps and a steep, technical downhill to the Lankey Creek carpark.

Mountainbiker in beech forest.
Reefton mountain bike track

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Know before you go

These are shared-use tracks. Follow the mountain bikers code: respect others, respect the rules, respect the track.


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