The Moonlight/Croesus Route gives panoramic views of the Paparoa Ranges.

Track overview

7.8 km

Walking and tramping

4 hr Expert: Route

Dog access

No dogs

About this track


This route is accessible from the top of the Croesus Track or the Moonlight Pack Track. It connects the two tracks along the top of the Southern Paparoa Range.

The route guides trampers from Moonlight towards the heart of the Paparoa Ranges.

Tramper crossing over the Paparoa tops. Photo: Juergen Schacke
Tramper crossing over the Paparoa Tops.

View along the Paparoa Tops towards Barrytown. Photo: Jaimee Fenemor.
View along the Paparoa Tops towards Barrytown

It provides ever changing views of the mixed, dense forest and historic remains. There are also fantastic views from the rolling tussock tops; east to the main divide, west to the Tasman Sea and north and south along the Paparoas.

It is quite a steep push along the Paparoa tops to the Croesus Track, and navigation skills are required.

At this junction you can choose to go left to Ces Clark Hut (1–2 hours), with a further 3 hours to the foot of the track at Smoke Ho carpark, 8 km from Blackball.

Going right is about 30 minutes over the rough crest of the range to the bush line, then a further 2–3 hours down to Barrytown.

Miekles Historic Hut Site – Junction

Time: 4–5 hr

The track from the hut is a reasonably steep push towards the open rolling tussock tops. Along the tops you will experience remarkable paranomic views. The route is marked by occasional steel fence posts with orange plastic markers on top.

Junction – Ces Clark Hut

Time: 1–2 hr

As you leave the junction you will follow the marked route along a tussock ridgeline with great views. Bear in mind that the weather can change very rapidly here, and it is recommended that you go equipped with a map and compass. From the Croesus Knob to Ces Clark Hut the rest of the track is a historic pack track.

Know before you go

The Paparoa Range is a place of sudden weather changes with snow possible at any time of the year. Even on fine days, mist can rise to cloud the tops making navigation difficult. Carry a K31 topographical map and a compass and appropriate clothing, snacks, water and appropriate equipment for a full day tramp.

Before you set out make sure you have everything required. If not, do not attempt the trip - particularly if the weather isn't suitable.


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