Explore your backyard and make a map.
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Make a map of some interesting spots in your backyard and earn a Kiwi Guardians medal.

Maps are a great tool to discover and explore places because they help us find where we are, what’s around us and where we want to go.

Think of all the different maps we use – street maps, bus routes, treasure hunt maps, or Toyota Kiwi Guardians adventure maps. What could your backyard map look like?

Download this activity

Create your own backyard map (PDF,2,779K)

What you need 

  • Paper – math paper with a grid pattern is very good for drawing maps.
  • Pens and coloured pencils.

What to do

1. Explore your backyard

Find a spot where you have a full view of your backyard. Think about a ‘bird's eye view’ and try to capture your garden like you’re seeing it from above.  

Look, listen and explore in your backyard. You might find some cool hiding spots or unexpected critters to include on your map.

2, Add locations to your map

  • Start with the big landmarks – large trees, sheds, the fence line or a vegie garden are all good landmarks.
  • Add in all the places in your backyard you love the most. This could be your favourite sunny spot, a shady corner, a bush where lizards live, or even your pet!
  • Add spots where the birds, insects or other animals hang-out.

3. Add a key

If you don’t have room to draw everything on your map you can add a key.

A key is a list of symbols that show things on your map, eg a symbol for a climbing tree, a bird bath or a secret path.

Claim your Kiwi Guardians Kai-tā mahere – Map maker medal

Complete the claim form to tell us about your activity, and we'll send you a medal. Each Kiwi Guardians action has a different medal – see how many you can collect.

Share what you did

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