Kids exploring a stream

Image: Benhi Dixon | Creative Commons


Promote what makes New Zealand special by telling your friends about something or somewhere you think is pretty cool.

Children talking about nature.
Children talking about nature

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Get your friends into nature (PDF, 2,574K)

What to do

1. Find something really cool

Get outside and discover a New Zealand animal, bird,
plant, insect or other species that you think is special.

It could even be somewhere amazing that you’ve visited.

2. Share what you've found

Create a presentation, a video, a picture, a story or
another way to tell others what you’ve discovered.

Let people know why it's important, and what they
can do to help protect it.

3. Spread the word

Share what you’ve created with someone else – maybe over a video call, with your class or wider whānau. You can share your ideas any way you like.

Claim your Kiwi Guardians Nature champion medal

Tell us what you shared and who you shared it with, and we’ll send you Kiwi Guardians Nature champion medal.

Complete the claim form to tell us about your activity, and we'll send you a medal. Each Kiwi Guardians action has a different medal – see how many you can collect.

Share what you did

The team at Toyota Kiwi Guardians would love to hear about what you did. Send us an email, or share something online using #KiwiGuardians, so we can share it with others. Visit Kiwi Guardians on Facebook.

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