Participation in the Kiwi Guardians is subject to the following terms and conditions for schools and groups.
  1. Kiwi Guardians has been developed by the Department of Conservation (DOC).

Use of the website by children

  1. We recommend if a child (person under 18 years of age) uses this website their use of the website should be supervised by a parent or guardian.


Quality of information

  1. We endeavour to make sure that information about the Kiwi Guardians programme is correct at the time of its publication. However, as necessary you should obtain independent advice before making any decision based on the information available. Information is made available on the understanding that the New Zealand Government, Department of Conservation, their servants and agents, to the extent permitted by law, accept no responsibility for any damage, cost, loss or expense incurred by you as a result of:
    • any error, omission or misrepresentation on this site
    • any malfunction or failure to function of this site
    • without limiting the above, any delay, failure or error in recording, displaying or updating information
  1. Where there are known limitations to the information provided online, we will include an explanation of these limitations wherever possible. If there is any material that you consider to be misleading or inaccurate, please let us know and it will be corrected as soon as possible.
  1. Where content (including stories, photos or documents) is provided to the Kiwi Guardians programme the Department is under no obligation to post, display or otherwise use this content.

Visiting a park or reserve

  1. If you intend to visit any of the parks, reserves and other areas referred to as part of the Kiwi Guardians programme, you should contact the Department of Conservation or relevant Local Authority office to obtain updated health and safety information. You should not rely solely on the information provided by the Kiwi Guardians programme.
  1. Information around safety in the outdoors can be found on the DOC website: Safety in the outdoors

Linked sites

  1. This website may contain links to other websites (linked sites). These links have been included on this website with the intention of increasing the information available to you. If you use these links, you may leave this website. DOC has no control over linked sites, and as a result:
    • we cannot accept responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense you might incur if you rely on information which appears on linked sites
    • when you visit a linked site, you will be subject to the privacy policy of that site. You will no longer be protected by the privacy policy of the DOC site
    • we are not responsible for the views, opinions, standards or information expressed on linked sites. The provision of a link does not imply that DOC endorses those sites or the people or companies who own them, and vice versa.

Rules for sweepstakes, contests and games

  1. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, any sweepstakes, contests, games or similar promotions (collectively, “promotions”) made available by the Kiwi Guardians programme may be governed by specific rules that are separate from these Terms and Conditions. By participating in any such promotion you will become subject to those rules, which will be linked from the promotion. The Department of Conservation encourages you to review any specific rules applicable to any such promotion.


  1. Please read and note the Department’s privacy policy which applies to the Kiwi Guardians programme: Privacy and security
  1. You may browse and access information about the Kiwi Guardians programme, and participate in Kiwi Guardians activities without providing any personal information.
  1. To access rewards DOC requires a teacher or a group leader to provide information on the number of children, the name of the activity, and the date. 
  1. All communication for the purposes of providing a requested reward will be with the teacher or group leader, in line with the Department’s privacy policy.
  1. By submitting content to DOC’s social media channels, you grant the promoter and the supporters (DOC and Toyota) the non-exclusive right to reproduce it at any time, for marketing and promotional purposes, including via social media channels. 
  1. Where content (including stories, photos or documents) is provided to the Kiwi Guardians programme by, or on behalf of a child, and Kiwi Guardians wishes to use this content in any channels, an email will be sent to the teacher or group leader to confirm: 
    • That this information is correct; and
    • That the submitter has permission to use and supply the information; and 
    • The parent’s or guardian’s consent has been obtained for the content to be used in the specified channels. 


  1. Material featured on this site is subject to Crown copyright protection unless otherwise indicated: Copyright

Use of trademarks

  1. As use of DOC owned trademarks, logos and brands, including the Kiwi Guardians trademark, often implies endorsement, these cannot be used without the express permission of DOC.
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