Jumping in the sand dunes at Sandfly Bay


If you love sandy beaches, and looking for footprints in the sand, then this adventure is for you! You’ll see seabirds, jumping insects and if you’re lucky you might see sea lions.
  • Take a look for footprints in the sand − who do you think might have made them?
  • Turn over driftwood – what can you find?
  • Spot New Zealand sea lions basking on the beach − remember to keep your 20 metre distance.

Get ready

Download the adventure map (PDF, 1,324K) and check out what you can do.

Go and explore

Look out for the Guardian Post when you get there. On it you'll find a special code word − write it down.

Getting there: Sandfly Bay is 25 km from the centre of Dunedin, on the Otago Peninsula. Turn off Highcliff Road onto Seal Point Road.

Seasonal restrictions: Part of Sandfly Bay Wildlife Refuge is closed from 1 November to 28 February to protect wildlife in the area. Follow signs to access the beach.

Claim your reward

Tell us the Sandfly Bay code word to receive a Kiwi Guardians certificate and medal for this adventure.

Put the medal on your back pack or pencil case to show everyone the adventure you've had.

Each Kiwi Guardians place has a different medal − see how many you can collect.

Other resources

Observations for animal footprints in New Zealand − identify the footprints you see on the beach

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