Golden treasures await in the forests and wetlands and along the windswept beaches surrounding Ōkārito.
  • Venture out onto the wharf to discover more about the tidal estuary – what does tidal mean?
  • Peer down into the wetland – see any fish or birds playing hide-and-go-seek? 
  • Run up and down the beach dodging the surf – will the pounding waves eat away at the beach?  

Get ready

Download the Ōkārito adventure map (PDF, 3,630K) and check out what you can do.

Go and explore

Look out for the Guardian Post when you get there. On it you'll find a special code word - write it down.

Getting there: 13 km north of Franz Josef, turn off SH6 onto Forks-Okarito Road. Follow this for 10 km to Ōkārito.

Claim your reward

Tell us the Ōkārito code word to receive a Kiwi Guardians certificate and medal for this adventure.

Put the medal on your back pack or pencil case to show everyone the adventure you've had.

Each Kiwi Guardians place has a different medal - see how many you can collect.

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