Hoffman's Pool – a great swimming hole
Image: DOC


Kauaeranga Valley has it all - camping, walking and tramping, swimming and more!

Adventure time: 20 min to 1 day
Distance: 500 m to 6 km return
 13 km from Thames


  • Pack a picnic and head to Hoffmans Pool – enjoy a nature walk and a great swimming hole.
  • Discover the kauri logging past at the visitor centre, then walk to a model dam.
  • Enjoy the Kiwi camping tradition – there are eight campsites to choose from.

To get your medal

  1. Plan your visit to Kauaeranga Valley. Check for facilities and alerts before you go. This adventure relates to:
  2. Download the Kauaeranga Valley adventure map (PDF, 2,130K).
  3. Go on your adventure and find the code word on the Kiwi Guardians post.
Claim your medal

Claim your medal using the code word for this adventure. Each Kiwi Guardians adventure has a different medal – see how many you can collect.

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