Pukerangiora Pa

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Pukerangiora Pa situated high on a bluff above the Waitara River, was twice besieged in the bloody Musket Wars of the early 1800s.

A much fought-over pa.

Pukerangiora Pa, situated high on a bluff above the Waitara River, was fought over during three eras of New Zealand warfare. While stories of battle from the pa’s pre-European era remain to be told, the name Pukerangiora is legendary.


The pa was twice besieged in the bloody Musket Wars of the early 1800s. In 1821 a war party of 1600 men returning north was besieged here for seven months by Te Atiawa, who dubbed the siege ‘Raihe Poaka’ (the penned-up pigs).

Ten years later blood flowed here again when a large Waikato war party, armed with guns, invaded Taranaki and trapped an estimated 4000 Te Atiawa in the same pa. After a 3-month siege some 1200 Te Atiawa are thought to have been killed as they tried to escape. Many were enslaved or jumped over the cliffs into the river.

Aerial view of Pukerangiora Pa. Photo: Jock Phillips, Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, Ministry of Culture and Heritage.
Aerial view of Pukerangiora Pa

Under fire

A generation later in 1861 these old adversaries joined forces in defence of the pa against a common enemy, the British Army. Wary of attacking pa, British troops under Major General TS Pratt instead dug trenches (saps) up the slopes to the Te Arei pa in front of Pukerangiora. It worked. Pounding the pa with artillery fire, the British tunnelled to within metres of Maori defences and Te Atiawa chief Hapurona was forced to fly the white flag.

Pukerangiora  Pa was again the site of battle in the Second Taranaki War in 1864. Following the wars Te Atiawa’s lands were confiscated.


The trenches today lie in a farmer’s field.
The trenches today lie in a farmer’s field

There’s much to see at the old battle site today. You can contemplate the horrors of times past as you stand on the cliff-top with its commanding views of the Waitara River and surrounds. Fortifications from the 1861 battle, including the very clearly defined British sap trench, are still visible.

DOC's work

Protected as a historic reserve since 1908, DOC is currently in discussions with Pukerangiora Hapu of Te Atiawa about its aspirations for the future interpretation and visitor opportunities of the pa.

Getting there

Pukerangiora Historic Reserve is 6.5 km up Waitara and Te Arei Roads from State Highway 3, north of New Plymouth.

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