An access gate will be installed on the track alongside North Mavora Lake to prevent damage to vegetation.

Damage to the track alongside North Mavora Lake
Image: DOC

Track damage

A track runs alongside North Mavora Lake from the North Mavora camping area through to Boundary Hut and Careys Hut.

It is currently ungated and prone to uncontrolled and inappropriate use of motor vehicles - both 4WD and motor bike.

This has led to severe degradation of some the fragile roadside vegetation and some of the track itself. Most of the damage is where the track leaves the forested areas into the more fragile shrub lands and open tussock.

Managing the damage

To try and curb this damage, DOC is installing an access gate in September 2020 to control access beyond the North Mavora camping area.

When the gate is installed, vehicle users must register with DOC before taking their vehicles beyond the camping area. A registration form will be available on this web page. 

Suitability of tracks:

  • The track from the camping area to Careys Hut is suitable for mountain biking, motor biking and 4WD vehicles.
  • The track to Boundary Hut and the route to Forks Hut are very rough and not recommended for vehicles. Both tracks are suitable for mountain biking.
  • Beyond Boundary and Forks huts, mountain biking, motor biking and 4WD vehicles are not allowed.

Rules for driving

Keep to the tracks and formed roads and be considerate to others at campsites when driving.

Road rules apply in the area. All vehicles must be registered and warranted, helmets worn, and drivers' licensed. Police conduct random inspections and will prosecute offenders.

Horses, mountain bikes and walkers can still use the 4WD tracks.

4WD care code


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