The smallest hut in the land, Dog Box Hut captures the lost era of the horseback high country muster.

The Dog Box Hut, located in the Eyre Mountains, was once part of Fairlight Station. It was built around 1916 and was used by musterers in the 1920s during the autumn muster.

Teams travelled up the Mataura Valley to Beech Hut. Sheep were then driven over the steep terrain to Dog Box Hut, where the musterers stayed overnight. The flock was then driven down the Eyre Creek, and back across to the Mataura Valley.

Look out for the names of old musterers etched into the chimney, and more stories on a panel inside.

This fragile historic hut is tiny, with a very low stud height. Overnight accommodation is not permitted at the hut.

Getting there

To gain access to Dog Box Hut drive up Eyre Creek Road off SH6 just south of Athol. A 4WD track runs for 10km along the true-right bank of Eyre Creek to Shepherd Creek Hut (6 bunks). From there it is a 2 hour walk up the Eyre Creek to Dog Box Hut, or you can go by bike or horse.

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