Answers to some frequently asked questions about booking Siberia and Brewster huts.

What can I expect as a 'booked' hut user?

You can expect a guaranteed use of a bunk.  

A hut warden will be on site periodically throughout the peak season at Brewster Hut and for the duration of the booking system (December to 28 April) at Siberia Hut. Bunk allocation will need to be self-managed. We expect all users to be respectful of each other.

If issues arise these should be reported to the Tititea/Mt Aspiring National Park Visitor Centre in Wanaka, +64 3 443 7660 or so we can collate feedback and address problems.

What can I expect as a 'non-booked' hut user?

All users are expected to book the huts in advance. In exceptional circumstances such as unplanned trip changes due to severe weather, non-booked users need to respect the priority that 'booked' users have to bunks. At the hut warden’s discretion, the use of un-booked bunks, or in exceptional situations spaces on the floor or deck, may be used.

What happens if a person occupies a bunk without a booking and another person arrives who has made a booking?

If a person arrives without a booking with a genuine concern for their safety they will not be turned away but will not be guaranteed a bunk. A non-booked person will be expected to move for a booked person. 

Does the booking system devalue the backcountry hut pass?

Backcountry hut passes are still recognised as valid payment for Siberia and Brewster huts. If passes are to be used as payment, bookings need to be made at a DOC visitor centre. There will be no additional booking fee with this process. Hut tickets cannot be used as payment for a booking.

Will the huts be locked like some other bookable DOC facilities?

Huts will not be locked.

Who will enforce the bookings?

Hut wardens will be present December to April at Siberia Hut and periodically at Brewster Hut to manage issues that result from bookings.

Is the booking for the whole hut or the bunk?

The booking is per bunk.

How will I know the hut is booked?

You can view bunk availability and book a bunk on the DOC online booking system.

How can I make a booking?

You can book yourself on the DOC online booking system using a credit card.

If you have no access to the internet or want to pay by cash or cheque you will need to go to any DOC visitor centre.

You can use your backcountry hut pass or credit card by giving details over the phone. Backcountry hut passes need a verification check first. Concessionaire Groups that have been credit checked and verified can be invoiced if in the system.

What if I want to make a booking outside of office hours?

You can use the DOC online booking system.

Can you make a booking without paying?

Bookings will not be accepted without payment. An 'on hold' option, for a maximum of 24 hours, is available in some cases, eg to enable cash payment arrangements or for group date confirmations.

How can I confirm my booking?

Upon booking you will receive confirmation via email with your booking details, bring this to the hut as proof of booking.

Will I be issued hut tickets?

No, a confirmation email will be issued stating your payment for the hut – this is your ticket please have this available to show the hut warden (printed or electronically)

What happens if my trip is cancelled, does my booking get refunded?

Standard booking conditions apply, see booking terms and conditions.

What happens if I show up at the huts with no hut tickets or booking confirmation?

We recommend booking before your trip. In exceptional circumstances, the warden will take payment or issue you an invoice. If there is no warden available, you can pay for your stay at a DOC office on your return from the trip

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