View the camp rules for Puriri Bay campground.
  1. Puriri Bay is a family campground, the camp manager has the right to refuse access to any person he/she believes will not contribute to the family atmosphere.

  2. No open fires permitted in campground.  Gas cooking only or enclosed BBQ style cookers with supplied fuel only. Absolutely no fireworks.

  3. Disorderly behaviour, excessive alcohol consumption, or intoxication to the extent that other campers are adversely affected will not be tolerated.

  4. No emptying chemical toilet waste or other material in campground toilets.

  5. Excessive noise will not be tolerated especially after 10 p.m.  New Year’s Eve campers can celebrate within reason.

Campers found breaching rules 2 to 5 will be asked to leave the campground.

  1. For fire safety purposes it is compulsory to leave a 3 metre gap between camp sites. You can place your own tents closer but a clear 1.5 metre gap must exist between your tent/caravan/motorhome and the edge of your site.

  2. Any visitors/friends not staying in the camp are to park in the day visitor parking area at Picnic Bay. Only one vehicle per site allowed.

  3. No digging holes, cutting trees or wilful damage of DOC property.  All native vegetation, birds and animals are protected and are not to be interfered with.

  4. No chainsaws, generators, compressors, amplifiers or stereo systems allowed. This includes the running of any vehicle engines to charge batteries.

  5. Hoses are not to be connected to the campground water supply.

  6. No dogs or domestic animals permitted except registered guide dogs.  This includes cats in campervans and caged birds. 

  7. No private toilet tents.

  8. No business to be run in campground unless a concession has been granted. No businesses to be advertised within the campground unless by the agreement of the Whangarei Operations Manager.

  9. No public nudity within campground.

  10. Speed limit within campground 10 kp/h.

  11. No fish cleaning or food waste to be disposed of at water points.  (waste water may be disposed of on gardens/plantings)

  12. No drones or model aircraft of any type permitted over conservation land without prior written permission.

Campers found breaching rules 6 to 18 will be asked to stop what they are doing and if they fail to do so they will be asked to leave.


No refunds will be issued at the camp. Refunds are only issued in exceptional circumstances e.g. the closure of the camp due to a weather event, and can be applied for by writing to the Whangarei Operations Manager, PO Box 842 Whangarei.


Any complaints or problems are to be directed to the camp manager and will be dealt with where possible immediately. If unable to arrive at a satisfactory solution to complaints, campers are asked to write to the Whangarei Operations Manager, PO Box 842 Whangarei.

As a Recreational Reserve, Puriri Bay is subject to the Reserves Act 1977 and the Conservation Act 1987. The rules outlined above are in keeping with the powers conferred under these enactments but do not in any way limit the scope of either as they apply to Department of Conservation administered land.

The Department of Conservation reserves the right to adjust these rules as circumstances dictate at any time.

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