Playing on the beach at Whananaki.

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Camp at Otumare Bay and enjoy short walks and secluded beaches in the surrounding area.

Place overview


  • Camping
  • Walking and tramping
  • Stop kauri dieback and protect kauri
    • Kauri dieback disease is spread through soil.
    • Scrub soil off shoes and gear and check it's all removed before you go.
    • Use a cleaning station when you enter and leave.
    • Always stay on the track.

    How you can help save kauri

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About this place

Getting there

The small town of Whananaki is situated on the east coast 45 minutes drive north from Whangārei.

From Whangārei, follow SH1 for 35 km. Turn left into Whananaki North Rd to reach Whananaki.


Whangarei Office
Phone:   +64 9 470 3300
Fax:   +64 4 471 1117
Address:   2 South End Ave
Whangarei 0110
Postal Address:   PO Box 842
Whangarei 0140
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