View the Raetea North Side campsite rules.


  • No open fires permitted in the camp or in the reserve.
  • Use only gas or liquid fuelled cookers.
  • DOC Northland enforces the 3-metre rule between groups/family/parties (i.e. groups not individual tents) to reduce possible fire spread.
  • Wind barriers/surrounds are acceptable within a group but should not be used to link groups as the risk of fire spread is too great.
  • Fireworks and sky lanterns are absolutely banned.


  • The speed limit within the camp is 10 km/h.
  • Vehicles are not to be used for internal camp transportation.
  • Please refrain from driving ehicles on grass unnecessarily.


  • No chainsaws, generators or compressors are allowed in the reserve.


  • Be considerate of other campsite users.
  • Keep noise levels down especially between 10 pm and 7 am.


  • 'Take in – Take out' rubbish policy is in place.


  • Conduct of any person(s), which is considered to be unacceptable, e.g. nudity, violence, excessive noise, etc. will result with the immediate removal of those concerned.


  • No recycling facilities are provided at this camp. Please use facilities in Kaitaia.


  • There is no water supply at Reatea North Side campsite. Please bring water with you.


  • No dogs or other domestic animals are permitted in the camp or on the reserve except registered guide dogs. This includes cats in campervans and caged birds.


  • All vegetation within the reserve is protected.
  • Please do not dump rubbish around camp vegetation as scraps attract vermin.

Vacant tents

  • Unoccupied tents may not be pitched to secure specific sites or groups of sites.
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