Learn about the special rules that apply in Mimiwhangata Coastal Park. The rules help protect reef dwelling fish and other species that are vulnerable to being over-harvested.

The Marine Park extends 1000 m offshore between Paparahi Point and Te Ruatahi Island and extends beyond Rimariki Island.

Full detail of the boundary and rules applying at Mimiwhangata Marine Park can be found in the Fisheries (Amateur Fishing) Regulations 2013, section 69 and schedule 14. 

New Zealand Legislation website.

Special rules

Special rules in this area protect reef dwelling fish and other species (such as paua and rock oysters) that are vulnerable to overfishing, are long lived or have low reproductive rates.

All commercial fishing is prohibited.

Nets and long lines are not permitted, including those set by contiki and kites.

Amateur fishers may use only the following methods:

  • un-weighted,
  • single hooked lines,
  • trolling,
  • spearing,
  • hand picking.

Only those species of fish and shellfish listed in the “Permitted Species List” may be taken.

Potting for rock lobsters is permitted providing that only one pot per person, party, or boat is used.

For permitted species normal regulations apply regarding daily bag limits, sizes, closed seasons, condition, shelling and pot escape gaps.

Permitted species list


  • finfish barracuda billfish (all types)
  • blue maomao flounder (all types)
  • grey mullet
  • yellow eyed mullet
  • gurnard
  • kahawai
  • kingfish
  • mackerel (all types)
  • piper (garfish)
  • shark (all types)
  • snapper
  • sole
  • trevally
  • tuna (all types)


  • common kina
  • green lipped mussel
  • rock lobster
  • scallops
  • tuatua
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