Crazy Paving Cave.

Image: Shellie Evans | ©


Explore two caves in the Oparara Basin - kids will love them.

Track overview

200 m return via same track

Walking and tramping

10 min return Easiest: Short walk

Dog access

No dogs

About this track


In Crazy Paving Cave the unusual floor pattern was created over a long period of time from deposits of dried out mud that have formed paving patterns on the cave floor. At the entrance to Box Canyon, the neighbouring cave, a stairway leads down into a large open chamber.

Cave dwellers such as wētā, spiders, and beetles live in the darkness. Look for these interesting insects but be careful not to disturb them.

Getting there

Access the caves from the car park at the end of McCallums Mill Road, north of Karamea. From Karamea, head north for about 10 km, then turn into McCallums Mill Road and follow this for 15 km to the end.

Note, McCallums Mill Road is a narrow and steep gravel road. It is not suitable for large vehicles or campervans.

Know before you go

Remember to take a torch. It is essential for exploring the small but fascinating caves.


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