Ngarata Homestead and Tōtaranui are in Abel Tasman National Park and are subject to its regulations. Additional rules apply to the homestead and campground.

Tōtaranui is a family campground, and the Camp Manager has the right to refuse access to any person he or she believes will not contribute to the family atmosphere. Acceptance and use of this booking constitutes acceptance of camp rules

1. All campers must register on arrival.

If the camp office is closed use the self-registration booth located outside the office. Failure to do so will incur penalty fees.

- Campers without a booking, register and pay fees in full on arrival - bring the correct change. 
- If you have made an online booking, fill in the registration form and place in the slot at the registration booth outside the office.
- Great Walk Tōtaranui Campsite pass holders (Confirmation or alteration letters) are restricted to camping in Bay X, located by the Camp Office.

2. Camping is only permitted in A to W bays. All sites are pegged and numbered. Sites marked EX are not available in bays and can only be used with the express permission of the Camp Manager. Ngarata Homestead guests are also included in the rules below (3-22).

3. Open fires are only permitted in the fireplaces provided. BBQs must only be lit in areas adjacent to fireplaces provided. Gas cookers may be used outside of these areas.

4. No fireworks.

5. Camp management reserves the right to search vehicles and campsites for fireworks, alcohol, and drugs, and refuse access to any persons and to evict any persons breaking conditions of the camp rules.

6. Disorderly behaviour, excessive alcohol consumption, or intoxication to the extent that other campers are adversely affected will not be tolerated.

7. No emptying chemical toilet waste or other material in campground toilets. Chemical toilets must be emptied in the 'Dump Station' by the camp office.

8. Empty tents/caravans/campervans must not be entered on the online booking system. Check with the camp office on-site.

9. Excessive noise will not be tolerated especially after 10 pm. On New Year's Eve campers can celebrate within reason.

Campers found in breach of rules 2 to 9 will be asked to leave the campground immediately.

10. A separate 'Rules and Conditions' form for groups and youth may need to be completed on arrival in camp.

11. All motor vehicles and motorbikes must have a current registration and Warrant of Fitness (WOF).

12. Vehicles, trailers, or boats must not be left on vacant sites or a penalty fee will apply: $30 instant fine will apply for non-compliance.

13. Any visitors/friends, ie people not staying in the camp, are to park in the day visitor parking, located on the northern side of the avenue, near the office, or outside car park gate. All day visitors vehicles must be outside the main gate by the closing times indicated below.

  • 1 October to 31 March opening times: 7.30 am to 8.30 pm
  • 1 April to 30 September opening times: 7.30 am to 6.30 pm

The gate at the camp entrance is locked overnight. An afterhours opening of the gate by DOC staff will incur a $100 fee. The gate will also be locked if there are any compliance or law and order issues.

14. For fire safety purposes it is compulsory to leave at least a 2 metre gap between camp sites. You can place your own tents closer but a clear 2 metre gap must exist between neighbouring sites. Make sure guide ropes are kept within your site.

15. No digging holes, cutting trees or wilful damage to DOC property. All vegetation, native birds and native animals, including eels, are protected and are not to be interfered with.

16. No chainsaws including any battery-operated cutting machinery, generators, compressors, or amplifiers on a stereo system are permitted. Running vehicle engines to charge batteries is prohibited.

17. Hoses can only be linked up to the campground's fresh water supply when in use, not on a permanent basis, and must have a tap available for other users to fill from at all times. Water is not be used for water fights, cleaning vehicles or washing down boats.

18. No dogs or domestic animals are permitted except registered guide dogs. This includes cats and caged birds in campervans.

19. No business can be run in the campground unless a concession has been granted. No businesses can be advertised within the campground unless by agreement of the Camp Manager.

20. No nudity in the campground.

21. The speed limit within the campground is 15 kilometres per hour maximum.

22. No unauthorised use of drones.

23. Tōtaranui campground is part of Abel Tasman National Park and the departments policy for National Parks is for visitors to remove their own rubbish, ‘pack it in, pack it out’. Managing rubbish is a huge cost for the camp so we are asking you to help us keep our costs down so we can keep the costs of camping at Tōtaranui affordable for all.

24. From 21 December to 26 January: Minimum fee $30 per night with a maximum stay of 14 nights

This camp is aiming for zero waste by 2025, campers will be responsible for managing their own rubbish and recycling. Tasman District Council rubbish bags will be sold at the camp office, campers will be responsible for providing their own rubbish bin to protect their bags from scavenging birds. The nearest transfer station is at 45 Scott Road, off Abel Tasman Drive, a 40 minute drive from Tōtaranui on the way to Tākaka – more bout the Tākaka Resource Recovery Centre.

Food scraps will be collected for composting by staff daily. Fish waste and shells must be returned to the sea. The better job you do of keeping food out the rubbish bags the better it will be for all, reducing smell, pests and litter in Tōtaranui will make the experience much better for everyone.

Campers found breaching rules 10 to 24 will be asked to immediately stop what they are doing and if they fail to do so they will be asked to leave the campground immediately.


Any complaints or problems are to be directed to the Camp Manager and will be dealt with within a reasonable timeframe. If campers are dissatisfied with the decision of the Camp Manager they can write to the Operations Manager, Takaka Office, Department of Conservation, P.O. Box 166, Takaka.

As Tōtaranui Campground lies within Abel Tasman National Park, it is subject to the National Parks Act 1980 and the Conservation Act 1987. The rules outlined above are in keeping with the powers conferred under these enactments.

DOC reserves the right to adjust these rules as circumstances dictate at any time.

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