Find out what areas are open, what areas are closed, and areas you should stay away from.

Date:  09 March 2017

Most conservation areas, campsites, tracks and huts in the Marlborough and Kaikoura areas are open for visitors to enjoy. There are some areas where there are still hazards created by the earthquakes and we advise you to stay away from them.

Report any safety issues to 0800 DOC HOT.

Landslides and rivers

In places, there are landslides on tracks and a risk of rockfalls and further landslides. Some huts have been destroyed and others damaged.

In many places, debris has fallen into rivers and streams forming dams. The dams could fail at any time leading to flooding downstream. We advise that you avoid rivers wherever possible and proceed with extreme caution at all times around waterways.

Check information about landslide dams on rivers and flood risk on the Environment Canterbury and Marlborough District Council websites. 

More information about earthquake landscape changes and hazards can be found on the GeoNet website.

Closed areas and areas to stay away from

Isolated Hill Scenic Reserve

People should stay away from Isolated Hill Scenic Reserve. Sawcut Gorge is closed.

Earthquake activity has caused multiple dams to form in waterways. These dams are very unstable and can fail at any time leading to flooding in the Waima River channel. People are warned to stay away from the Reserve and the whole river channel.

Okiwi Bay / Half Moon Bay area

Okiwi Bay - Half Moon Bay Track, Okiwi Bay Lookout Walk, Pacific Lookout Track, Patutu Route and Okiwi Bay campsite are all closed.

The Ohau Stream Track leading to the waterfall is closed due to damage and safety risk.

Ka Whata Tu o Rakihouia Conservation Park

The Blind Saddle Track (main access into the Clarence) is open between the Inland Kaikoura Road and Forbes Hut via Quail Flat for walking and mountain biking. 

Vehicle access into the reserve is managed by Muzzle Station, phone +64 3 319 5791. The roads to Palmer Hut and Goose Flat remain closed for vehicles.

Warden Hut, Forbes Hut, Goose Flat Hut and Palmer Hut have been inspected and are all open.

Dam in the Hapuku River

The earthquake has caused a 150-metre high dam to form in the Hapuku River riverbed which is unstable and could fail at any time leading to flooding downstream. People are warned to stay away from the whole river channel.

Other backcountry areas

Caution and care is required in other Kaikoura and South Marlborough backcountry areas.

We have not yet been able to assess all backcountry huts, tracks and other facilities in these areas – in some places it has not been safe to do so.

Earthquake damage could make tramping routes more difficult and journeys longer than expected.

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