Safety and other relevant information you should consider before commencing your trip.

Keep children with you at all times, especially along the clifftop and at the water’s edge. Keep to the formed track of the walkway. It is dangerous to descend the cliffs on unformed tracks.

Do not trample plants as the cliffs are being revegetated. To descend to the shoreline, use the formed track down to Whalers Bay and return via this same track.


The peninsula is very exposed to coastal winds. Weather conditions can change quickly, especially when a southerly storm arrives: be prepared with warm and windproof clothing.


High tide may restrict access along the shoreline.


Many animals and birds make the peninsula their home. Observe wildlife from a distance. If birds start flying at you, this is their way of telling you that you are too close to them.

Report any injured or stressed wildlife to our hotline 0800 DOC HOT (0800 362 468).


No fires are allowed on the walkway, on the shoreline or in the car parks at Point Kean and South Bay.


There are no toilets on the clifftop. Toilets are located at Armers Beach on the way to Point Kean car park and in South Bay.

Private land

Sections of the walkway cross private land. Respect farm property and stock and do not take vehicles, mountain bikes, firearms or dogs on the walkway.


There are no rubbish facilities along the clifftop. Use the rubbish and recycling facilities at the car parks.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is not permitted on the walkway.

Dogs and other pets

Dogs and other pets are a threat to wildlife. They are not allowed on the tidal platforms or on the walkway except on these sections:

  • town centre to Point Kean car park but not in the car park
  • within the confines of South Bay Recreation Reserve and along South Bay Parade to the start of South Bay Track
  • Toms Track to the town centre.

Kaikōura is a Green Globe certified community

Kaikōura District Council is committed to the environmental health of Kaikōura and is a certified Green Globe community. This recognises the commitment of the community to protecting the environment.

You can contribute to the health of the sea and land by not littering the shoreline with your rubbish and by observing the recreational fishing regulations and also the bans on fishing and gathering from temporarily closed areas (rahui).

To learn more, pick up a Kaikōura Green Globe 21 brochure from the Kaikōura i-SITE Visitor Centre.

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