Download the offline version of this informative app and have a tour guide in your pocket as you journey the road into Fiordland National Park.

Te Anau - Milford Highway app: Poster
Te Anau - Milford Highway app: Poster

DOC has partnered with Venture Southland and Destination Fiordland to provide visitors to Fiordland the complete story of the Te Anau - Milford Highway, utilising the story-telling mobile platform application - STQRY (pronounced “story”).

The journey into the heart of Fiordland National Park via the Te Anau – Milford Highway reveals some of the area’s most striking and significant features. Downloading this app will help you unlock hidden stories behind the breathtaking scenery and plot them on a map for your reference.

The highlights of this application are:

  • Free to download
  • Available ‘offline’ if downloaded prior to leaving cell coverage area
  • Automatically downloads in the language of the phone user (over 60 languages)
  • Rich content - audio (including bird calls), video, text and imagery

Download to your smartphone

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