Read the restrictions and conditions on sports fishing in certain rivers and lakes of Fiordland National Park due to the threat of didymo.

Due to the threat of Didymosphenia geminata, and other water pests, pursuant to Section 26ZL of the Conservation Act 1987, the Director General of Conservation hereby imposes restrictions and conditions on sports fishing in certain rivers of Fiordland National Park.

Areas covered by the restrictions and conditions

All rivers and lakes of the Fiordland National Park other than exclusions listed below.

These rivers and their respective tributaries are excluded: 

  • Eglinton River
  • Hollyford River
  • Cleddau River
  • Upper Waiau River.

Note: The Monowai River is outside Fiordland National Park and is excluded from restrictions and conditions of this notice.

These lakes are excluded:

  • Lake Te Anau
  • Lake Manapouri
  • Lake Monowai
  • Lake Hauroko. 

Restrictions and conditions

1. Duration of restrictions and conditions

The restrictions and conditions commence on 1 November 2020 and expire at the end 31 October 2021.

2. Season

The fishing season for those rivers not draining to the Tasman Sea commences on 1 November 2020 and ends on 31 May 2021.

Those rivers draining to the Tasman Sea are open all year.

3. Conditions

(i) All persons fishing in the waters specified in this notice must clean their fishing gear (including but not limited to fishing rod, reel and line, lures, footwear and landing nets) and obtain a certificate from an “approved cleaning station” (listed at the foot of this notice) certifying that the gear has been cleaned no more than 48 hours before each Fiordland fishing trip.

(ii) Only persons holding a current sports fishing licence are eligible to obtain the Clean Gear Certificate.

(iii) Approved didymo cleaning kits must be produced before persons are eligible to obtain the Clean Gear Certificate. The cleaning kit must include; a container capable of effectively soaking fishing gear between different rivers and different reaches of rivers, spray bottle, a brush, and cleaning solution.

(iv) Any such certificate that states the gear has been cleaned is valid only for the duration of the trip specified and the waters specified in the certificate.

(v) Any such certificate must be carried for the duration of the trip specified in the certificate.

(vi) Approved cleaning stations are listed at the foot of this notice.

(vii) Felt-soled waders or footwear incorporating or having attached a sole of felted, matted or woven fibrous material are not permitted in Fiordland National Park.

(viii) It is an offence to breach any of the restrictions or conditions imposed by this notice and offenders may be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5000.

Approved clean gear certifies

  • Department of Conservation Visitor Centre Te Anau
  • Fish & Game Te Anau and Invercargill
  • Borland Lodge
  • Manapouri Motors
  • Outside Sports Te Anau
  • Rosco’s Kayaks Milford
  • Hurley's Fly Fishing New Zealand - Lumsden


Department of Conservation
PO Box 29
Te Anau
Phone: +64 3 249 7924

Fish and Game NZ, Southland Region
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Te Anau
Phone: +64 3 249 8249

Fish and Game NZ, Southland Region
PO Box 159
Phone: +64 3 215 9117

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