Marauiti Hut exterior.
Image: Heather Evans | Creative Commons



This is a 26-bunk hut located on the Waikaremoana Track in the Te Urewera area.

This hut is not affected by hut removals in Te Urewera. It is open for bookings and public use.

Te Urewera is recognised in New Zealand law as a living person. Te Urewera is spoken for and governed by a board. Care for Te Urewera, including the tracks and facilities, is carried out by Te Uru Taumatua – Ngāi Tūhoe’s operational entity.


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Great Walk


  • Bookings

Bookings required


  • Heating
  • Mattresses
  • Toilets - non-flush
  • Water from tap - not treated, boil before use
26 bunk beds


Te Urewera Visitor Centre
Phone +64 6 837 3900
Address Te Kura Whenua
6249 Lake Road/SH38
Waikaremoana 4195
Te Urewera
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