Read the rules that apply to campgrounds in the Northern Coromandel: Fantail Bay Campsite, Fletcher Bay Campsite, Port Jackson Campsite, Stony Bay Campsite and Waikawau Bay Campsite.

As recreational reserves, the campgrounds in Northern Coromandel provides for the peaceful enjoyment of outdoor recreation and is subject to the Reserves Act 1977 and the Conservation Act 1987. The Campground Rules are in keeping with the powers conferred under these Acts but do not in any way limit the scope of either as they apply to Department of Conservation (DOC) administered land.

All campers and visitors need to observe DOC objectives and to that end these rules are to ensure everyone enjoys a pleasant and positive experience.  These rules may be adjusted by the Conservation Services Manager as circumstances dictate.

All Northern Coromandel campgrounds are operating under a Pack In Pack Out policy for waste. There are no facilities for waste disposal or recycling. The nearest waste transfer station is Hauraki Road, Coromandel.

To reduce smells and vermin, food waste can be processed onsite with worm farms, compost bins and Bokashi bins.

The Campground Manager has the right to terminate access and eject, without refund, any person and group, whether camper or day visitor, who disregards these rules and conditions or adversely affects other campers and the family atmosphere.

Arrivals and departures

  • Campground gate closure is from 8 pm to 7:30 am.
  • Arrivals must be completed by 7 pm. Check-in to be no earlier than 2 pm.
  • Upon arrival all campers must register at the office, present their vehicle registration number and obtain a windshield card, present any DOC pass, and pay fees if not booked. Friends and family arriving without a booking and intending to stay must call at the office on arrival; additions are subject to availability. Failing to register may result in eviction, being moved to another site and penalty fees.
  • Vacate campsites by 11 am. Departing campers are welcome to continue using the camp facilities for the rest of the day but must vacate their site and move their vehicle to visitor parking. Campsite to be left tidy and rubbish removed.

Vehicle use and parking

  • Campsite parking – one vehicle per site. Adjacent campsites, driveways and common areas cannot be used to park vehicles, boats, etc. except where specifically made available by the Campground Manager.
  • Maximum speed in camp is 10 km. Vehicle use in camp is subject to New Zealand Road Code and includes all motorised conveyances and bicycles. 
  • Friends and family (not booked to camp) must park their vehicles in visitor parking and leave by 8 pm.
  • No driving on the beach – except where indicated for the purpose of launching and retrieving boats.
  • Boats – DOC does not ensure launching or retrieval of boats using the ramps or access ways in the campground. Boats over 5 metres in the campground are discouraged.

Prohibited behaviour and equipment

  • Complete ban on open fires and fireworks at all times in the campground and on the beach. If DOC fireboxes are present they may be used for cooking only when DOC fire ban is lifted – check at office.
  • All other devices with a naked flame are banned including califonts. Only gas cookers, fridge/freezers and lanterns may be used. 
  • Unsociable behaviour will not be tolerated – no disruptive or intoxicated behaviour, or use of abusive or obscene language. No nudity on the beach or in the campground.
  • Excessive noise will not be tolerated at any time. Campers shall keep all noise to a minimum between 10 pm to 7 am.
  • Private toilet or shower tents may not be set up – showers and toilets are provided. Hoses or adapters cannot be left connected to campground water supplies or connected to shower units.
  • No fish cleaning or food waste to be disposed of at water points.
  • All DOC property, vegetation, birds and animals (including eels) are protected and not to be interfered with. No cutting trees or digging holes. Do not tie your tent, clothesline or swings to the trees in the camp.
  • Chainsaws, compressors, generators and amplifiers are prohibited. Generators may be used at Campground Manager discretion.
  • Dogs or other domestic animals (cats, birds etc.) are not permitted in the campground or in any vehicles.
  • No access to adjacent farmland or buildings without permission of the lessee is prohibited. 
  • No business or commercial activity to be undertaken unless a Concession has been granted.

Safety practices

  • Fire safety – tent walls must be 3 metres from neighboring tents. Keep within your site markers.
  • Water is from the stream and should be boiled or treated before drinking. 
  • Do not touch, damage or remove bait stations laid in the are - toxins may be present. Ensure young children are supervised at all times.

Campground-specific booking conditions

  • Maximum stay is 14 consecutive days (from 20 December to 8 February maximum stay is 21 consecutive days) followed by a minimum 7 day break before returning.
  • No refunds will be issued at the campground.  Refunds are only issued in exceptional circumstances such as closure of the camp by DOC and can be applied for in writing to the Conservation, Services Manager PO Box 276, Whitianga, 3542

Read general booking terms and conditions

Specific to booked accommodation

  • No fish cleaning inside booked accommodation - use fish cleaning station if provided.
  • Additional accommodation or structures (tents, campervans, etc) may not be erected or placed at booked accommodation without Campground Manager approval
  • Campers/visitors are not permitted in or around booked accommodation – use is limited to the number of persons listed on the website and booked; penalty rates or eviction from the facility may result
  • Accommodation to be left clean and tidy for next guests and all rubbish removed.


Any complaints or problems are to be directed to the Campground Manager and will be dealt with where possible immediately. If unable to arrive at a satisfactory solution to complaints, campers are asked to write to:

Conservation Services Manager
PO Box 276

Or phone +64 7 869 5638 and leave your contact details.

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