This action plan describes what club lodges should do in an eruption on Mount Ruapehu.

Download this information as a poster (PDF, 5,008K)

Lodges are in safe areas

There is no need for urgent evacuation. All ski club lodges on Mount Ruapehu are safe from lahars, flying rocks and other life-threatening volcanic hazards.

Lahars flowing down the Whakapapanui River may threaten bridges on the Whakapapa Bruce Road.

If an eruption occurs, people in lodges at Whakapapa Ski Area should wait in lodges until it is confirmed that Bruce Road bridges are safe, and clearance is given to leave.

Members of the public may need to be sheltered during or after volcanic events. 

If ash fall occurs

Disconnect water supplies and stay indoors.

Ash fall is a nuisance, but not life threatening. It can contaminate water supplies, make surfaces slippery and roads dangerous. 

Know where the lodge downpipe connects are, and how to disconnect them. Disconnect downpipes immediately after an eruption.

People (especially children) with respiratory problems, for example, asthma, should stay indoors.

If you have to leave, cover your nose and mouth – wear goggles if available.

Ash fall may increase in moderate or larger eruptions as they progress.

Appoint a lodge leader

Appoint a lodge leader to oversee this plan and liaise with emergency services.

Register and record the names of all persons in the lodge, and any known to be missing.

If injuries or health issues are reported, call 111 (NZ Police).

RAL will set up an incident control point on the ski area.

Information and communications

Go to for official information – including confirmation of false alarms. This Facebook page will be updated regularly.

Keep phone lines clear and minimise cellular network use. Networks may be overloaded during emergencies.

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