Fishing a sunken or 'wet' fly is a very effective traditional technique, and remains very popular amongst anglers today.


Basic tackle

Here is a check list of basic tackle you will need, and local tackle shops are great at getting you set up well to get you started. Be sure to visit them before you start fishing to get the latest advice.

Rod and line

The ideal choice for fishing the wet fly would be an 8 weight rod combined with a shooting head sinking line, as the heavier rod and line will handle most conditions well.

Shooting heads are preferred locally, as they allow for a very accurate 'swing' on the fly, and don't catch the bottom as easily as a full length sinking line. The shooting head should be between 200 - 300 gr in weight.


Waders are needed when fishing the Taupō region, particularly for the cooler months of the year. The preferred choice of locals is 5mm neoprene waders, although good breathable waders offer more versatility, being comfortable to wear in the hotter months.


Most flies which work for steelhead work well, so woolly buggers, popsicles and leeches in sizes 6-10 are a good place to start. Traditional british patterns used for sea trout will also tempt our trout.

Local favourites include woolly buggers, rabbit flies, large glo bugs and red setters, all of which you can find at local tackle shops.

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