Spin fishing is a great way to get people interested in fishing as it is fun and active.

There are a number of places to go spin fishing in the Taupō district which offer a great chance for that first trout.

How to fish

Spin fishing is a very simple technique. Once you have mastered the cast it is a simple case of casting out the lure and winding it back in, allowing the in-built action of the lure to entice a fish into biting.

The key skill to learn is the speed to retrieve the lure, usually just fast enough to keep it from snagging the bottom. Spin fishing allows you to cover lots of water by casting as far as you can, and by casting in different directions all the time.

Where to fish

Lake Taupō has lots of options, which are detailed below. Other good spinning places in the district include the Tokaanu Tailrace, Lake Otamangakau, Lake Kuratau, and the Hinemaiaia HB dam. Although a reasonable distance from Taupō, Lake Kuratau in particular can be very productive on the spinner. 

In Lake Taupō most stream mouths are denoted by a black and white or black and yellow marker post. In this circumstance only fly fishing is allowed within 200 m of this point and in most circumstances boats are not allowed within this range either. Outside of this restriction, you can generally spin fish anywhere from the shore you like. 

The spring and early summer months are probably best for spinning because that is when fish are shallower and chasing their main food, smelt. Most spin anglers fish at first or last light.

The best lures are always a matter of preference, but Tobies, Cobras, Tasmanian Devils are all popular in green, black, red and gold (or combinations thereof).

Other good spinning places at the Taupō end of the lake, especially in the spring, include Whakamoenga Point, the township side of Rangatira Point and further south, on the northern side of Wharewaka Point and Mission Point near Te Rangiita, although you need to be careful of the 200 m rule here as the Waitetoko Stream is nearby.

Spinning is essentially but not exclusively confined to the lakes of the region as most of the rivers themselves are fly fishing only. However, there is some very good spin fishing on the Waikato River, downstream of the control gates bridge. There are plenty of fish here but they are not of exceptional quality. 

Visit your local tackle shop or read our monitoring report for advice on where they are biting at the moment.

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